Old Shed Removal Service: Low Cost Shed Demolition & Hauling

Here you can learn more about our old shed removal service which may include complete shed demolition and removal or, you can remove the cost to tear down a shed if you carry out the tear down yourself.

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Storage shed removal service in Ventura CA

Getting rid of old storage sheds can be hard work, we know! VC Junk has carried out shed removal for many years so we know what’s involved! We know you’ll be satisfied with our service when we tear down a shed and haul away the remaining parts!

What is the cost of shed removal with VC Junk?

Shed removal cost is based upon a few factors which you can read more about below.

Old shed removal service

Demolition of shed

How much does it cost to tear down a shed to begin with? This depends on a couple of things:

  • The size of the shed
  • Is it a metal shed, or a wooden shed? Wooden sheds often take a lot more time to demolish.
  • Is there an electricity component to the shed? If so, removal of wiring increases the cost slightly.

Shed removal services

Next you’ll want to know how much does it cost to remove a shed from the property after demolition (or if you don’t need demolition at all). Well, the cost to remove shed parts ranges depending on size and the type of material we have to haul away.

Total shed tear down and removal cost

Total shed removal prices can range from $250 for a smaller shed, but will increase according to size and materials.

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Can VC Junk carry out old shed removal near me?

Consult the list of locations below to see if we can help with shed demolition and removal near you.

Environmentally friendly shed demolition and removal practices

Looking after the planet is first in our thoughts which is why we follow strict rules when removing your old shed!

Recycling after shed tear down and removal

We always carry out environmentally friendly removal of old shed parts! Metals and other materials are separated from unusable items so that no recyclable material ends up in a landfill.

Why choose us as your shed removal company?

Some shed removal companies may have hidden fees and/or charge by the hour, but at VC Junk we give you a flat rate price for demolition, transportation and disposal so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

FAQs on our shed demo and removal services

Do you provide any other building tear down and haul away services, or just sheds?

Yes, we can provide all sorts of demolition services, from pergolas to in house demolition. Whatever you need, give us a call and we can arrange a free onsite estimate.

Can you carry out shed removal and replacement if I want a new shed put in place?

Yes, we provide shed removal and installation services upon request.

Can you just remove old sheds and knock off the shed demolition cost if I tear it down myself?

Yes, of course! And if you need any guidance on how to take down the shed safely just give us a call.

More than just a shed removal service!

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