Wooden Pallet Removal Service: Pallet Pickup, Disposal & Recycling

Here you can learn more about our pallet removal service. This covers everything from industrial and pallet disposal if they are no longer usable to dropping them off at a pallet recycling center if they are in good shape.

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VC Junk pallet removal service in Ventura CA

Plastic or wood pallet disposal can be a costly time suck that you just don’t need, we know! Let VC Junk take care of your plastic and wood pallet disposal and recycling needs for you and make it easy!

At VC Junk we have been in the business of pallet hauling for a long time so we know what’s involved. We know you’ll be satisfied with our efficient and friendly used pallet disposal service.

A pallet pick up service that covers all your needs!

When you use VC Junk’s used pallets pick up service we cover everything from A-Z.

Pallet collection of all types, and from all venues

  • Wood pallets
  • Plastic pallets
  • Pallet trays
  • Block pallets
  • Stringer pallets
  • Oversize pallets
  • Wood crates
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Construction

Environmentally friendly used pallet disposal guaranteed!

Plastic and wood pallet recycling is our first priority so you can be assured that things will be taken care of in an environmentally friendly manner.

We are not in the business of picking up pallets and disposing of them in a landfill. We work closely with plastic and wood pallet recycling centers so if you are looking for a legitimate company that knows how to get rid of pallets the right way, you’re in safe hands with VC Junk!

How much does pallet removal cost with VC Junk?

So, how much does it cost to remove pallets with VC Junk? Basically, this depends on volume. If we have to pick up just a few pallets we can provide you with an up front cost, but if this is a large scale collection we can provide an on site quote.

Pallet removal service

Can VC Junk carry out pallet removal near me?

Consult the list below to find out if we provide plastic or wood pallet pickup near you.

Wood pallet pick up

Why choose VC Junk to pick up pallets and dispose of them for you?

Some pallet removal companies charge per pallet, but at VC Junk we know you want someone to pick up pallets for a reasonable flat fee that is agreed upon up front. We believe in having total transparency in our prices unlike some companies that carry out pallet collections.

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Does it cost the same to get rid of wood pallets and plastic pallets?

We don’t differentiate by material, whether you need a plastic or wooden pallet pick up we can help.

Where to dispose of wooden pallets near me if I want to do it myself?

Depending on the condition of the pallets, you could use a local pallet recycling center, or a wood recycling center if you have the transportation to move the pallets yourself. Your local pallet recycler will make sure things are taken care of in an environmentally friendly manner.

More than just a pallet removal service!

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