Cash for Junk Car Removal Service: Junk Vehicle Hauling & Disposal

Here you can learn more about our scrap car removal service and any extras you might need. If you are looking for somebody to make an offer of cash for junk car removal, you’re in the right place to get a great offer.

Already had a word of mouth recommendation that we’re the best junk car removal service and made the decision to sell your junk car for cash today? Contact us now and get a competitive quote for junk cars!

VC Junk local junk car removal service in Ventura CA

Removing junk cars from your property can be a real logistical pain, we know! VC Junk has been hauling away junk cars for quite some time so we know our business, and that isn’t all, we also offer cash for car removals 99% of the time!

A car junk removal service that covers all your needs!

When you use VC Junk’s junk car services, we deal with unwanted vehicle removal of just about any type.

Cash for junk vehicle removal of all types

  • Removal of junk cars
  • Scrap truck removal
  • Vans
  • Motorcycle/scooter
  • Campers
  • RV
  • Trailers
  • Boats

When we provide FREE junk car removal

It’s rare that we don’t give a cash payout for a vehicle, but if you do not disclose all information about the vehicle, or they have already been stripped for scrap, this may result in us not taking the vehicle.

Is there ever a fee to have old junk cars removed?

No! In 99% of cases customers are given a cash offer for old car removals within minutes of them contacting us with the correct information.

When we pay YOU cash for car removal

We remove junk cars for cash just about every time we are contacted! Follow the directions below to get a quick cash offer now:

How to sell junk cars to VC Junk

  1. Call us at 805-628-4453
  2. Provide us with the year, make and model of the vehicle
  3. Provide us with a VIN number for the vehicle
  4. Disclose if you have the pink slip/title in hand
  5. That’s it! Get your instant cash offer over the phone

Environmentally friendly scrap car removal services

Junk car disposal isn’t as straightforward as you might think if you want to look after the planet!

We know you don’t want somebody who buys junk cars for cash and disposes of anything unusable unethically, but with VC Junk you can set your mind at ease, we know exactly how to dispose of a junk car in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Auto disposal services with recycling in mind

As you know, looking after our environment is important not only for us, but for future generations. When we haul junk cars away we always recycle the materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

Local junk car removal service

Can VC Junk carry out junk car removal near me?

Consult the list below to find out if we haul away junk cars near you.

Scrap car removal

Why choose VC Junk to haul away junk cars?

Let’s face it, there are some people that buy junk cars who are trying to get that little bit extra out of your pocket and keep it in theirs. To put it bluntly, some junk car haulers will low ball you for your vehicle.

At VC Junk we pay top rates for your vehicle every time whether it’s crashed, or in working condition!

No charge for junk car towing

As stated above, there are no hidden or extra junk car towing fees. When we agree upon a price THAT WE PAY YOU for the junk car, that’s a done deal and we won’t ask you for anything for transportation.

When it comes to cash for cars in Ventura County, we pay top rates

If you are looking for instant cash for junk cars, VC Junk will pay you cash for cars in Ventura County as soon as we collect the vehicle (and that’s usually pretty fast!)

To get a competitive junk cars removal for cash offer, just click the button below and we’ll get back to you ASAP with a competitive price on your vehicle removal… guaranteed!


Do you haul away junk car parts, or is the service just unwanted car removals?

We don’t usually just haul away junk car parts unfortunately. Mostly we take complete cars (working or crashed) but we will consider taking junk car parts if it is part of a bigger junk collection job that involves one or more of the services listed below.

More than just junk car removal services!

Need us for more than just our car junk service? Here’s a full list of our junk removal Ventura services: