Old Carpet Removal Service: Rug & Carpet Removal & Disposal

Here you can learn more about our old carpet removal services (and any extras you might need).

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VC Junk old carpet removal service in Ventura CA

Getting rid of carpets and rugs can be a real pain. The team at VC Junk knows this because we have been running our old carpet removal service for many years. Whether you need a simple rug or carpet disposal, or you need us to carry out the complete carpet removal and disposal process, we know you’ll be satisfied with our services!

Carpet removal service

What does carpet removal and disposal cost with VC Junk?

Costs depend upon exactly what you need. If it’s just a simple rug or carpet haul away, this will obviously be cheaper than also having us pull up the carpet from its location, clean up afterwards, and carry out the disposal of the carpet.

Cost to pull carpet up

The cost of pulling the carpet up depends on the square footage. Get in contact and we’ll give you an in house (or office) quote.

Carpet haul away cost

Again, carpet pick up cost depends upon the square footage of the carpet.

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Can VC Junk carry out old carpet removal near me?

Consult the list below to find out if we provide old carpet removal services near you.

Why choose us as your carpet removal company?

Some carpet removal companies typically charge by the hour, or even worse, some carpet removers may have undisclosed fees that they aren’t telling you about. At VC Junk we want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that you pay a flat rate price which is discussed up front.


Do you also provide a rug removal service, or just carpets?

Yes, we provide area rug removal, runner rug removal, stair carpet removal and any other type of rug or carpet removal and disposal.

Can you just provide carpet pickup services if I pull up the carpet myself?

Yes, we can pick up carpet waste if you have already pulled up the carpet yourself. If there are carpet tack strips still attached to the floor, we’ll even pull them up for you!

More than just a carpet removal service!

Need other items removed from your home or business besides the hot tub? Here’s a full list of our Ventura junk removal and hauling services: