Old Appliance Removal Services: Appliance Pickup & Haulaway

Here you can learn more about our old appliance removal services. This covers both in situ removal of old appliances (if uninstallation is also needed) or we can just carry out appliance hauling if not.

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VC Junk old appliance removal services in Ventura CA

Removing old appliances can be expensive and/or a time suck that you don’t need, we know! Let us haul away used appliances for you and make it easy!

At VC Junk we have been hauling unwanted appliances for many years so we know what’s involved. We know you’ll be satisfied with our friendly, efficient old appliance removal services.

Our old appliance haul away service covers everything you may need!

When you use VC Junk to haul away old appliances we cover everything from A-Z. We can haul old appliances away from the home, or we can carry out large appliance removal from commercial venues.

From home appliance removal to large scale restaurant equipment removal

Whether you need large appliance disposal from commercial venues or or you just need appliances hauled away from your household, we have it covered:

  • Washer and dryer removal
  • Freezer & refrigerator hauling
  • Flooring & carpet
  • Oven range & stove removal
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwave ovens
  • AC units
  • Water heaters
  • Hot tubs
  • Furnaces
  • Grills
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Wine coolers
  • TVs
  • Small household appliances*

*Small household appliances can be taken as part of a larger load, we don’t for example collect one off items such as a single toaster.

Want us to carry out in situ removal of old appliances? No problem!

Scrap appliance pickup isn’t our only forte, we can carry out the in situ uninstallation AND appliance haul off under most circumstances.

Environmentally friendly appliance pickup and disposal

It might be the case that you want someone to pick up old appliances with the assurance that things will be taken care of in an environmentally friendly manner. If that’s the case you can set your mind at ease when you hire VC Junk to remove old appliances!

We don’t just haul away old appliance parts to a landfill. Whenever possible we try to donate to a local charity, or if this is not possible, broken appliance disposal is carried out in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Can VC Junk carry out old appliance removal near me?

Old appliance removal services

Consult the list below to find out if we provide our appliance removal service near you.

Why choose VC Junk as your appliance removal company?

Some companies that pick up old appliances charge by the hour, or may even have hidden costs that they may not disclose to you up front. With VC Junk you know you’ll get a flat fee that is agreed upon before work ever starts. We believe in being transparent with our prices unlike some appliance removal companies you may come across.

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Do you pick up broken appliances or are scrap appliances not accepted?

Yes, we do provide broken scrap appliance removal, that’s no problem at all. Just get in contact and we can arrange a fair price on appliance scrap pick up from your home or business.

How much does appliance removal cost with VC Junk?

This of course depends on the size of the appliances to be removed, and also if you require us to uninstall any or all of the appliances, this will play into the final cost.

Can VC Junk carry out curbside appliance pick up at a lower cost if I put the items outside the house?

Yes, of course! If you move all of the items you need out front before we arrive we’ll take this into account when pricing the job. The easier you make it for us to haul off old appliances, the more of a discount we can offer.

More than just an appliance removal service!

Need other items removed from your home or business besides junk appliances? If you need more than just appliance haulers, we can help. Here’s our full Junk removal Ventura CA services list: