About Us

About Ventura Junk Removal & Hauling

Having a bit of mess around the house is common for anyone in Ventura. But, some situations require tremendous hard work to handle. When you have loads of unnecessary furniture, broken appliances, or leftover renovation materials, it can take weeks to clean it all up. Rather than suffering that amount of stress, contact a reliable junk removal service instead. Here are the benefits you will see.


Avoid Being Overwhelmed

You can feel energized to start cleaning up but feel defeated as you go on. Plus, if the items are large, heavy, or irregular shaped, you can get worn down much quicker. Avoid getting overwhelmed by hiring our company instead. Regardless of the amount of trash, we can handle it all.

Gain Time

Each day, you have responsibilities with your job and family. After that, you should be resting. But, you’ll have to skip your free time if you handle junk removal on your own. Apartment cleanouts, mattress disposals, or basement unloading can get quickly done by our experienced team. Then, you have time for yourself.

Save Money

Moving debris and garbage from your home isn’t as simple as throwing it in a trash can. You have to buy or rent moving tools, pay for a large dumpster, and spend more cash for a location to dispose of it all. These fees can add up to a hefty expense. We are affordable and will save you money. Contact Ventura Junk Removal & Hauling today at (805) 628-4453!